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CEO Greeting

Welcome customers and partners to the
Smart Cast homepage.

The world is in the midst of a shift from a material-oriented industrial society to one of knowledge and communication as a new paradigm centered on information technology and the Internet.
Smart Cast Co., Ltd. has established a professional CRM solution and Embedded System development-business based on excellent manpower and development skills ,thanks to your support and interest since its foundation.
In addition, we are a fast-growing IoT specialized company, such as the KIOSK with IoT-based and convenient self-payment system, KDS with order-process stabilization, and DID solution which displays real-time information.
In addition, we will conduct continuous process-development and propose more convenient and various applications and utilization methods. We hope to get true trust, while giving great impression beyond satisfaction to customers.
A company is not just a profit-generating entity, but the one with the responsibility and obligation to ultimately realize the happiness of its customers.
All of our employees will work together to develop a happy world and an advanced future.

We ask for your unchanging love and support, and hope to watch Smart Cast Co., Ltd. constantly developing with customers.
Thank You.

CEO of SMART CAST, Sang Hyeon Hwang