Solution Introduction

Smart Store is SMARTCAST

Embedded Software

Embeded Linux

Embeded Linux is the best environment for building embedded devices.
Many devices that have already been made have proven it and will continue to do so.
Our Smartcast has a lot of experience and know-how in developing products for this Embedded Linux environment.
We will make the system configuration software which is optimized for the products you want to realize.

Development methodology

We propose optimal solutions for product development cycle and maintenance through various methodologies necessary for product development such as source code management required for product development cycle, issue management for problems and requirements, general methodology for product maintenance, management form for product distribution, etc.

Development service

Based on experience in developing custom embedded software systems in various industries, our highly skilled engineers at SmartCast have ability to develope software and model system design.

  • 요구사항 관리
    Requirements Management Efficient definition of requirements at an early stage of the project, including requirements derivation, analysis, specification, and verification, helps reduce rework during the project, speed up development, and save time and money.
  • 설계
    design It is the process of accurately identifying the needs of analyzed users, minimizing changes, and creating a stable system. To improve software quality and productivity, its design considering reusability, ease of development, and scalability for test is important.
  • 구현
    Implementation In the implementation phase, the quality of the software can be improved by developing code and repeating tests. This phase is the most important part of the development ones.
  • 단위/통합테스트
    Unit / Integrated Test It is the software verification step which minimizes errors and provides users with good quality and reliable software.
  • 국대떡볶이
    Verification This step is to verify that the developed software was implemented according to the customer's intended requirements. Verification is the process of creating a product in the right way that meets the requirements specification and the customer's intended environment or purpose of use.