Solution Introduction

Smart Store is SMARTCAST

Life examples of the Solution

  • 현대백화점
    Hyundai Department Store Developed SI, CRM upgrade business.
  • 롯데리아
    Lotteria Displayed KDS orders by cooking zone and integrated system with Delivery App as well as developed guest DID call.
  • 미스터피자
    Mr. Pizza Displayed KDS orders by cooking zone and developed positional tracking system by using NFC
  • GS리테일
    GS Retail Developed to display an order number of POS on electronic board after completing the cooking.
  • 국대떡볶이
    Gukdae Tteokbokki Developed low-priced KIOSK production and self-order payment system linked with POS data.
  • 엔젤리너스
    Angelinus Introduced KDS for each dining corner cooking zone (A, B, C, D) and separate output of the order
  • 코레일 유통
    KORAIL distributor Displayed the menu by separating the order data of POS for each cooking part in KDS
  • 커피니
    Coffeenie Received an order number of POS from KDS and use pager system to call a designated guest.