Solution Introduction

Smart Store is SMARTCAST

Smart Store

Smart solution configuration
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Introduction Effect
  • Marketing Effect
    Revitalize of SNS and online coupon marketing, provide customer-customized menu
  • Reduce Labor Costs
    Reduce labor costs with a perfect unmanned task, reduce lead time of ordering menu, convenient for managing labor force, improve store productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement
    Improve customer satisfaction management with foreign language automatic order service, convenient for salesperson to answer to foreigners
  • Provide Convenient Menu Information
    Provide discount information and quality information, manage fast menu board change


Intuitive UI and easy interface design with minimum touches.

  • 키오스크 화면 구성예시1
  • 키오스크 화면 구성예시2
  • 키오스크 화면 구성예시3
  • 키오스크 화면 구성예시4

키오스크 화면 구성예시


The key to maximizing the efficiency of kitchen and hall operations is to display order information directly on the kitchen monitor for kitchen staff to easily read orders.

  • DID
    • Possible to mark the order contents at POS, KIOSK, MOBILE devices.
    • Operation without modifying POS program
    • Completed order CLEAR function of each cooking
    • Integrated CLEAR function of completed order on the food distribution side
    • An interlock between food distribution side and completing order notification system
    • Classification of colors by order channels
    • Possible to perceive the cooking completion of the food distribution side.
    • Generating capacity of use time of ordering process
    • Possible to interlock the vibration bell and DID (one-touch call is possible)


it can efficiently manage waiting guests and be used as a marketing tool (video, image)

  • DID
  • DID
  • DID